Dreaming is not difficult: it is common practice. Simply ajar your eyes and oplà everyone can dive into a dream world. They say that dreams are desires and it's another established and incontrovertible fact. This is why dreams often remain confined to their bed. They reach the island that is not there, they are born and die within them, they feed themselves to survive. Humanity dreams and clings to a desire that in most cases will remain so.

David Cheli is also a dreamer. He is one of the chosen few who are not content with fantasizing. People like David grab their fantasies and, at the cost of being taken for fools, do everything possible to turn them into matter. They fight against suspicious looks, they don't give up in moments of difficulty, they pursue the goal until they reach it. And once the dream has been transformed into tangible reality, they do not give up on it.

The reverie is transformed into pure practical fascination, into deepening, into study, into research. This is how Original Race was born. It is not a dream but his daughter. The desire changed into a project; the project into creation. And the latter is available to everyone.

Original Race is not a line of clothing and accessories. It is a way of understanding life as its creator wishes. It's as if through a t-shirt, a bag, a jacket, a scarf, a belt or a suitcase Davide said << this is me and the ones you see represent nothing but the terminal of my personality >>. Because Cheli is Original Race in every way, even in the brand name, able, in a simple way, to combine the genius of the designer, original to the nth power, to the great passion that has always linked him to the world of motor racing, two and four wheels. Davide started out from afar: he has been and still is a successful photographer, writer and advertiser. His anxiety is to combine talent with his own goals. Step by step.

Sergej Esenin said in a poem that << luck is wisdom of mind and hands. All fools were unhappy >>. Well, Cheli's path in creating Original Race never ran the risk of running into a sudden precipice. The long-term goal imposed shrewd business moves. Original

Race has entered a difficult, competitive, brand overloaded world on tiptoe. Without the anxiety of wanting to overdo it. The first creations were born, followed by the first sightings in racetracks and city streets. People were curious about those products so different from the others, with a strong personality and great taste, made of excellent materials. In them emerged overwhelmingly the touch of a creator who preferred to differentiate himself, offering a specificity far from the philosophy of the flock.

Little by little the people who wore Original Race were the people who frequented the tracks and the races. An already special tribe for themselves. Cheli first turned to them and customers became the brand's testimonials. There was no need to rely on the usual well-known people, the great characters as in the marketing campaigns that go the most, but to go the other way: ordinary people turned into characters in their core because they were recognizable and envied thanks to Original Race. And as in any self-respecting tribe, communication is self-powered with smoke signals. The appreciation for what was worn, the request for information and the race to get what was clearly an object of desire.

David Cheli managed to combine wisdom with fantasy. Even today it is not uncommon to find him and his family selling Original Race in the most prestigious international fairs in the world, like the old street vendors. And it is a pleasure to meet him, to hear how the idea was born, how he developed it, to be overwhelmed by a precious and rare enthusiasm.

Guido Schittone