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An item of clothing reserved exclusively for fans of the engines that have made history.
Wearing them is an act of love that can only be understood by those who get excited when they open the hood of a car and are flooded with that mix of smells of gasoline and burnt oil, which is l'soul of mechanics.For these people was born Original Race, a premium line made in San Marino where every single model was made from the photographic shots of cars actually owned by us or by our loyal customers.T-shirt short sleeve top quality.The graphics are made in mixed technique between illustration and photography, making each t-shirt OR a unique work of art. All our prints are made by a manual process, small differences between t-shirt are to be considered a feature of product exclusivity.


T-shirt made of 100% certified organic cotton regular fit with excellent resistance to washing, wash the product at 30° inverted.Please note: OriginalRace garments are unique products in size and color. Before purchasing, please check well the size chart attached next to the product sheet.If necessary, contact email [email protected] for any doubts and information about the purchase.The t-shirt in 100% certified organic cotton, have the same characteristics to those that can be purchased in our representative boutiques 

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