Where do your passions?

Because today I am bound by love to the Stuttgart brand and not, as expected italianamente, the prancing horse or raging bull? Rather than finding answers impossible I prefer totally immerse myself in my passion for engines, for cars, and continue to dirty my fat hands and fill beauty eyes working around my Porsche collection.

But passion can not sit still, be frozen: it is like friendship, grow or die.

So new ways created to give life to this energy that I find myself in, because the passion is positive energy that generates ideas, contacts, friendships and beautiful encounters. And so I felt the need not only to contemplate but … wear it. From the marriage of my profession as a photographer and creative and the desire to Porsche 24 hours a day is born, for the first game, then for friends, now for all lovers like me, the ORIGINAL RACE collection. Stereotyped images not to wear, but in which meeting the moments of joy that gives me my collection: a model, a mechanical part that made me damn but then gave me endless joy, a spot of color in the garage, a piece again I expected. Everything becomes image and evokes moments that each collector has tried and does keep trying. The answer to all Porsche fans came early: “I want to,” was the word of mouth through social gave me the confirmation to continue the work started and give even more force: the image quality of the products that you do not stop the shirts but soon will be born a printed cashmere line on request. Official support of the Porsche Club Federation Italian then gave me the final push by adding even more valid reasons. The latter being an NGO, if the proceeds from the sale of the shirts will be, this will be addressed to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

And if the passion is really energy, this is not wasted is beautiful and good.

The crew: the wheel Davide Cheli. Born in Rimini in 1966 and began to cultivate two parallel worlds as a child: the image creativity that later became a profession, the desire to go fast before the bikes then with cars. From two to four wheels with no regrets, no doubt from the classic to the generic-brand collections.

Today, his garage houses: 911 2.2 E 1970 S 911 1969 911 2.5 ST Gr. 4, 1972 and 914/6 GT project under construction with which to race again in historic rallies and on the track.

On the right seat, Nadira Babouche: always in motorsport as a commercial entrepreneur alongside Davide in relations with the clubs and in the dissemination and sale of the jerseys.
With her you can make contact not only for the standard purchase but also supplies bespoke and special requests.